5 Tips to a stress-free wedding day.


5 tips for a stress-free wedding day.

Have your ceremony later in the day.

Getting ready for your big day takes time, this is something often overlooked, even with lots of helping hands it takes a few hours to prep each person. Early morning weddings mean very early starts.

Delegate before the big day.

You can’t possibly do it all, pick a few friends to be in charge of some things before the day, and trust they the will follow through.

Pre organise some healthy snacks.

No one has time to be calling and organising room service on the day or chasing down staff for food. Either get one of your friends to pick up some healthy snacks or organise with hotel staff the day before to bring you some fuel for the day.

Hire separate hair and makeup if the bridal party is more than 3 people.

As mentioned before hair and makeup takes time. I would suggest hiring 2 people for any jobs of more than 3 persons. Means shorter getting ready times.

Have a trial.

The day will go by smoother if you know exactly what you want. Have a trial for hair and makeup if you’re tossing up a few ideas. You could always have your hair or makeup trial on your hens night or a special night out.